Presenting comfort since 1982…

About Us

Alpino Mobilya has been founded in 1982 and since its foundation the brand has been the devotee of new technology trends and developments and takes place among the finest manufacturers in Turkey.

Alpino is open for progress, combines the technologic developments with spotless craftsmanship and has investments in Gediz, Kütahya. Every day more and more homes both in Turkey and abroad meet the comfortable and well-built designs of Alpino and attractive and specious decorations are finalised.

Alpino products are distributed in 25 countries. Alpino aims to create jobs opportunities with its short term investments and also targets to raise the bar manufacturing products eligible with EU standards.


Alpino operates in Gediz facility by means of a machine park consisting of 40.000 m² open area and 30.000 m² close area all industrialized with latest technology elements.

Quality Policy

Alpino is being produces under constant surveillance and audit by regulations of ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and sustainability substances.

To maintain a brand understanding depending on trust is the main philosophy of Alpino regarding the sustainability and quality standards of the brand. Offering a management approach that gives particular importance to customer needs and satisfaction and to make our production and brand the best we can are our goals.

To have corporate social responsibility, to improve with environment-friendly and energy-efficient policies and to indoctrinate quality responsibility to our personnel, manage to avoid making mistakes due to proactive activities is one of our main targets.

Main fundaments of our quality policy are to achieve satisfaction of our personnel, who are the most vital source to our success and to work with various groups in order to develop quality of life through education, economy and social development activities also to provide high quality service with tools and technologies that will maximize the efficiency by structuring our processes as stated by internationally approved standards.

Awards & Quality Certification

  • 2013
    Eurasia Quality Award

  • 2013
    Eurasia Quality
    Award & Certificate